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Link page template with 3D books for indie authors

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With this free template, you will be able to create a beautiful link page where you can showcase your books, with a beautiful animated 3D cover.

Whether you are a published author, an independent writer, or a developer who wrote a book, you’ll be able to spotlight what your readers want to find the most: your books.

Check out an example page

You will need basic HTML and CSS knowledge to use the template, and a place to host the files on your website (for instance, Netlify Drop). For a hosted version, create a free account on 1link!


  • Responsive design: your page will be pretty on mobile and on desktop
  • Display your avatar photo and an optional banner picture
  • Social icon links using ionicons
  • Customization using TailwindCSS for styles and colors
  • Showcase your books with a beautiful animated 3D cover
  • Add links to buy your books or redirect your readers to any website you want

This template includes:

  • A clean example HTML page with comments to help you find where to put your page content
  • A clean CSS file with comments to guide you in the customization of styles and colors
  • Instructions on how to generate the files that you can then deploy


Do I need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to use the template?

Although I took extra care in documenting the template, it is strongly recommended to have notions of web development to use it. If you don’t, have a look at our free service 1link where you can create your page in just a few clicks!

Do I need to know React, Angular, or other frontend frameworks?

No, the source code is basic HTML! But it uses TailwindCSS, which is a very nice tool to customize colors and styles without the need to use low-level CSS. If you have never used it don’t be afraid! The comments in the CSS file will help you, and the Tailwind documentation is very easy to understand.

Is it really free?

Yes, absolutely! You can choose to pay the amount you want for this template, including $0! If you like it, feel free to offer me a coffee by paying $1 😉

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A full HTML & CSS template to create a beautiful link page to showcase your books.

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Link page template with 3D books for indie authors

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